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Procurement Services

Using a center-led approach, Diamond International Procurement, provides strategic sourcing and procurement services to large and small projects in the Middle East. Our advanced sourcing methods, market intelligence and global purchasing volume helps us obtain the best pricing, quality and services for our clients.
Our extensive database of local, regional and international vendors ensures a seamless solution providing sourcing, logistic support, transportation, warehousing and purchasing. The procurement team members are highly experienced in local and international trading regulation and procedures, to implement the best business practices in the company.

What sets Diamond International apart from the other Procurement Service providers is our personal involvement in procurement, inspection and quality control which has helped us to get a deep insight into the true nature of the products we supply to our valued customers. Through our Supplier network we are capable of supplying (Lease/Buy) Construction equipments, Generators, Spare parts of machines & vehicles, Building materials, Hardware, Electric items, Oil & Industrial Equipments & parts, Storage systems for Warehouses, Life Support like Tents, Port-a-cabins, Container Living units, Water tanks, Chemical toilets, Sanitary items, Cleaning products, Office equipments, Entertainment equipments and Stationeries like papers, cartridges etc.